The new financial year is being launched in April,
                      But with that the new educational year is going to start from April. If you start business from January to February, you will earn a good income in April. In such business, the government gets the loan immediately,So that you will not have to invest more.Today we will tell you about such a business,From which you can get double income in less investment.In these two months, you can grow your network and sell it a lot by making more production.

Note Book printing unit

                   The Financial Year and Educational Season is being started from April, So the demand for notebooks increases significantly this season.If you start this business in January or February, So your business will be a good name in the market. In these two months, you can grow your network and sell it a lot by making more production.

How much do you have to invest ?

          To start this business, you have to invest a minimum of 4 lakhs.You can then take the loan from the bank under the currency (MUDRA LOAN) scheme. According to the Project Profile Report created by the government,You can take a loan of 9 lakh working capital loan and Can take a term loan of 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees. In this way you can start a project of 16 lakh 50 thousand.

How to start the project ?

1) You have to register your firm. Because now the government has started online registration, so it is very easy to register.

2) You will then have to buy the machinery.

1) A paper cutting machine, the price is approximately 85 thousand rupees, 

2) Automatic binding machine price of 2 lakh 80 thousand rupees,

3) Numbering machine, Rs. 5000, 

Manuel Spiral, Combo, Press winder, Price 15 thousand rupees. 
4) A total of 3 lakh 90 thousand machinery and approximately 50 thousand. Of

Furniture costs. In addition, Rs 3.50 lakh raw -material.

How much is the production ?

     According to the project profile issued by the government under the currency (MUDRA LOAN ) scheme,

1) You can create 2 million notebooks in a year, 40,000 notebooks and 40 thousand note pads.

How much will the earnings ?

According to the report, the wholesale price.

1) Notebook of 150 pages costs 22.5 rupees,

2) Record book value of 100 pages is worth 32 rupees

3) Notepad price of 50 pages is Rs. 3

And in the last one year if all of the goods are sold, then you will get 7 lakh 20 thousand rupees.

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