Friends, I’m going to tell you a trick today.Today everyone has an Android phone and there is a WhatsApp installed.Whatsapp is a means of exchange of information and everyone is using that tool.What do you do when someone sends you a private message on WhatsApp or when you send a message in a group? 

               Then what happens in your WhatsApp, messages are stored completely and mobile does not work properly.Whether it’s in the video or in the form of a picture or audio format.Then you try to delete one by one messages of your group and private chat.Removing such a one-by-one message will waste your time and your work is not fully completed.

                  So today you will learn about the Clear chat option in WhatsApp.So that you can delete a private chat from all groups at the same time.

                           There is no reason to worry about this because if you use clear chat options in WhatsApp, Only your WhatsApp disappears, but the rest will automatically be saved in the gallery.I’m going to tell about some Clear chat options is true.If you feel a lie about a clear chat, you can see it yourself.

         Whatsapp if you clear chat, everything gets cleared and sometime you have to do it in order to save (gallery) phone memory. But sometimes you also want to keep some special chats but clear other. Thanks to new update on Whatsapp, its possible now. If you don’t have an updated Whatsapp, go to playstore and update. The process of clearing chat but keeping special ones is mentioned below.

★ Then see the next settings ★

    ★★★      First click on the menu bar in your WhatsApp.In the menu bar, you will see many options, click on the Settings option.👇👇

★★★  You will see a lot of options after clicking on setting. You will have to click on the setting option.👇👇👇

★★★★  After clicking on the chat option, you will see three options.👇👇👇

★★★ clicked on the Chat History option.👇👇

★★★ Clicking Chat History will show you four options. Click on Clear All Chat option.👇

★★★ If you click on Clear All Chat that will open two windows in front of you, you should not click on any of these windows or select them.Because clicking on both of these tabs, the entire picture, video, and audio clip in your WhatsApp data will be deleted. So you will not be saved in the data gallery.👇👇👇👇

★★★★ Further, the data of the WhatsApp in your mobile is going to disappear, its process is also started.👇👇👇

Benefit :- About an Clear chat option

1) Using clear chat method, the data in your WhatsApp disappears completely and your deleted data is saved in an automated gallery.

2) Using the method, you can quickly find any new news in Whatsapp.So, you know immediately what new news has happened.

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