Today everyone is using Android Mobile.Everyone has open Gmail account in your mobile. But unintentionally made some mistakes from you.Whether or not Gmail account is safe in your mobile.This is not that some people have ever seen.There is also a bad thing.If you think Gmail is safe,see the settings below.

                   An email for Gmail’s verification code is sent.Where is your Gmail account logged in ? Let’s we learn.Gmail brings new features to your users.These features made in Gmail make many things easy.Google’s popular app, Gmail is used daily.Gmail is used for personal and office work.Gmail is an app that connects to phones and laptops.Often Gmail’s email is sent for verification code.

★ Then let us see the setting ★

1) First open your Gmail account.Then go to its settings.

2) When you open the setting, you will see a Gmail ID open in front of you.Tap on it.

3) Manage your google account Select.

4) After selecting this option, some other options appear on the page.Click on ‘Security’ option.

5) After selecting this option, some other options will appear on the page. Click on the “Security ‘option.

6) Then scroll down to the bottom direction. ‘You will get an option of your devices.

7) If you click on your devices, you will have a list of all the names of all the devices logged in.

                                          However many people do not know how to delete emails sent by email accidentally.This is also available to Gmail. Let’s know how to return the message. First of all, open your Gmail account on a smartphone or computer.After logging in,on the right side of the account, your profile photo below will be given some menu below the corner.Click on that menu and go to the Settings icon. There will be an option of undo send.Click on the check box next to him, make Undo Send feature enable. Then Below the feature appears to be an option called Send Cancellation Period.Click on it and select the menu in the Caincellation Period (at 5-30) seconds.Save it below after the change in setting.Then you will have the ‘undo send’ feature is enable in your Gmail.

When completing this process, it is saved for a few seconds when the email is sent.After sending the mail to the screen,it will see a message to undo email.

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