Online Application for Learning Driving License

               If you do not have a Learning Driving License then you can apply online for it online.Your time and money will save. This method is simple,So the RTO office doesn’t have to go for a frequent.You will have to pay only 200 hundred rupees.There is at least 18 years limit for the Learning Driving License.

How to fill out the online application :-

1) You will have to go to the Ministry website

2) You have to choose your state.

3) Learner will have to choose the option.

And now Ready to online form filling

4) Clicking on learner then open new form

5) After completing this form, a serial number will be generated & Save this number.

6) You will need to add an age certificate, proof of address and identification card.

7) After this process you have to upload your photo and digital signature. After that, you have to book one time for the test. You will have to pay 200 rupees while selecting the time. You will then receive a message on your Registered Mobile Number.

8) After paying the fee, you will have to give a test in the RTO office at the prescribed time.After successful, you will get online learning license online in the next 48 hours.
10) This learning license will be valid for next six months.

11) During these six months, you have to apply for a permanent license. You will have to fill out an online application within one month of getting a learning license and within six months. After a successful second test, you can get a Permanent License.

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