Online shopping has become the consumer choice. Due to the available items in the market, prices are lower than market prices, and many people insist on buying furniture or electronics from the website.There are some e-commerce websites that provide accurate service to customers.However, such sites have now become a mess for consumers.Effective use of the internet has changed the face of the Indian market.The share of e-commerce websites is very big.These websites, which allow consumers to buy and ship any product of any brand in the world, are increasing the purchasing power of the consumer.

                                      Ten years ago, if a customer asked for online shopping, he was hesitant.What to trust online?I do not like to buy?This client could have given different reasons.But today, online shopping is the first choice of Indian consumers.This has increased more in the last two years.Indian consumers are turning to online shopping due to affordable items, reputable companies’ products, home delivery and online payment services.Websites like Amazon, Flipkart are flying inside and out, but the belief of Indians in ‘online’ has become so deep,Consumers often buy on sites that are not well known or very famous.From here, big problems are starting.

                        The demand for Indian consumers to buy online has increased so much that if a product looks cheap, then no matter what the website is, the customer is ready to pay immediately.For this reason many customers are being interrupted.A few days ago, a young man noticed that a company that was getting a new smartphone was cheap, and he ordered, and in fact, got a belt and a soap bag!The smartphone is getting cheaper, so he deposits money online.But when he saw the stuff in his hands and tried to get back the money,That was disappointing at that time.These types of news are often read by you. However, very few consumers try to make a purchase before purchasing.

                              Not only newbie or most popular e-commerce websites are such a place of deceit.Customers who buy from prominent websites like Flipkart and Amazon are also often victims of fraud.There is no difference between the goods displayed and the actual goods sent on the website, the defects in them, the quality mentioned in the ad. But even if the customer does not send goods or sends fake goods, the same thing happens on large websites too.Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, constantly improve their vendor policies to prevent this kind of customer fraud.But, every time the person finds a way through this, customers find a way to mess it up.

                                      E-wallet usage has increased in the last few years.App like PayTM, Google Pay, and Mobikk have increased the amount of purchase or digital payment.Often customers connect this app to their bank accounts and direct financial transactions through them.Recognizing the same thing, the new concept of cheating has been contested.In this, the customer is advised to make a request by sending a request to the person by phone or by contacting himself.Thereby, the customer’s QR code or reference number is obtained.After this the customer is advised to send a link and click on it.As soon as the customer clicks the link, the money on his bank or e-wallet account is lapsed.

                               In the past few months many such types have come up.These incidents have occurred mainly in online shopping and trading activities.Experts believe that due to the overconfidence of customers’ online system.Companies providing police or security systems and e-commerce services are also trying to prevent such hinders.


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