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 in short, Maruti chronology dates_

                       Maruti was established in February 1981 with production starting in 1983 with the Maruti 700, made entirely in India.The second model is the Maruti 800 DX, a copy of the Suzuki SS80, made by Suzuki and imported from Japan.In 1984, the Maruti Van with the same three-cylinder engine as the 800 was released and the installed capacity of the plant in Gurgaon reached 40,000 units.In 1985, the Suzuki SJ410-based Gypsy, a 970 cc 4WD off-road vehicle, was launched. In 1986, the original 800 was replaced by an all-new model of the 796 cc hatchback Suzuki Alto and the 100,000th vehicle was produced by the company.In 1987, the company started exporting to the West, when a lot of 500 cars were sent to Hungary.                         
                       By 1988, the capacity of the Gurgaon plant was increased to 100,000 units per annum. In 1989, the Maruti 1000 was introduced and the 970 cc, three-box was India’s first contemporary sedan.
              After liberalization of the Indian economy in 1991, Suzuki increased its stake in Maruti to 50 per cent, making the company a 50-50 Joint Venture with the Government of India the other stake holder.

★★★ About the Monsoon Camps ●●●

                     Maruti Suzuki India, the country’s largest carmaker, has launched a bumper offer for its customers.The Maruti Monsoon Service Camp has started.In this, Maruti customers will get free service.You can take advantage of this opportunity at the Maruti Authorized Service Center.Maruti’s offer will be open from June 20 to July 20.The health checkup complimentary will be offered in this one-month offer.

                 This facility will be available at Maruti Suzuki’s service station across the country.This facility is also available for Nexa and Arena.This offer has been made for car repair in the monsoon season.This facility is also available this year as in the previous year.There should be no problem in the car in the monsoon.The company has said that this offer is for this.Maruti had provided free service to the monsoon season last year.

★★★★ What facilities will you get?

1) In this offer,Maruti has given the customers discount on all parts of the car and accessories.

2) Besides brakes,wind screen,wiper blade, battery. 

3) Tier and electrically related components will be offered free of charge.

4) No extra charges will be charged from the customers for this.

5) If you want to change a part or a Damage Part,then you have to pay the charges to the customer.

6) The company will also have a discount on the same.

 ★★★  Who will get the facility        
                    If you are a Maruti customer then you can take advantage of this service camp.How old is your car or which city ? There is no relation to this offer.You can take advantage of this by going to Maruti servicing center in any city.For this, about your camp from Maruti servicing center near you.Need to know.

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