Your mobile wallet account is shutting down from 1st March.As per RBI regulations, 80% of mobile wallet will be discontinued in the country.

28th February is the last date.

              All mobile operators across the country need to complete their KYC till 28th February.So far many companies have not completed KYC.So the mobile wallet will be closed.

An important notice :- The Reserve Bank of India told the mobile wallet users, After 28th February, the balance in their wallet will not end.You can also send money to your bank account & you can buy. But,Without KYC the money will not be loaded in your wallet.

                                      RBI has said that customers can not keep money in the wallet without KYC from 1st March & Can not send money to anyone.RBI has directed all mobile wallet companies to complete their original KYC procedures.

KYC is Mandatory :-

KYC is mandatory according to the RBI guidelines.

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