Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme(PMEGP) is a credit linked subsidy programmeadministered by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India.Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC),is the nodal agency at national level for implementation of thescheme.

                                                               If you want to do some simple and demanding work at home, we will tell you about a special profession.The government will help you to start this business.This business is fruit bar.For this, you can get 90 percent of the loan under the PM Employability Generation Program.Besides,15-25 percent subsidies are available.

           According to the government agency Khadi Village Industry Commission (KVIC) project,this business can start at Rs 12.82 lakhs.To start this business, you will get loan up to Rs 11.55 lakh.To start this business,you need around 1.28 lakh rupees.

★ ★ What is a fruit bar ?

     Fruits are available in different seasons.The pre-reservation of fruit in different countries is different.It has a Fruit Bar.It is easy to make fruit, banana, mango and apple as bar.You can start a business by starting a fruit bar unit.

★★ Things to do business.

          Create project reports for the first time.You can create a project to create 60 tons of fruit bar.It requires 100 square feet of land.Here the work shed will be ready.Besides, you will need equipment of approximately 4.32 lakh rupees.If you hire a work shed, it will cost 2.50 lakh rupees.So you have to prepare the capital of 6.28 lakh rupees.

■ Need of tools/Instrument ■

★ Fruit washing tub
★ Pulp extractors
★ Steam kettle
★ Baby biler
★ Fruit mill
★ Tray dryer
★ Weighing machine
★ Testing instrument is needed.

★ How Many Working Budgets/Cost

● Raw material: Rs. 17.60 lakhs

● Label packing: Rs 2 lakhs

● Salary: 11 lakhs

● Administrative costs: 1.5 lakhs

● Overhead Expenses: Rs 2 lakhs

● Other expenses: Rs 1.25 lakh

● Deprecation: 55 thousand rupees

● Insurance and Interest: 1.73 lakhs

● Total working capital: Rs 37 lakh

● ● 👏👏 According to this report your sale of the year will be 43 lakh rupees. Your expenditure is Rs 37 lakh 36 thousand rupees. That means you can earn 5.63 lakh rupees annually.

■ Apply Here ■

★ If you want a loan under this scheme

You will first need to fill the loan PMEGP Online Application Form under PMEGP.For this, click on the link given here 👇👇👇👇👇… Apply here.

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