Now WhatsApp will bring a new feature soon.In which no group can be included in anyone in the group.After the concerned person consent, they may be included in the WhatsApp group. According to the WABetaInfo report, Currently working on this feature.

1) Therefore, after creating any group, the administrator(Admin) can not add anyone to their group.
2) The person who wants to be in the group.
3) He’ll get a message from WhatsApp. 
4) If he accepts that message then the person will be involved in the group.
5) If that person rejects a message on WhatsApp, it can not be included in the related group.

              This new feature of Whatsapp will give a lot of comfort to many people.Many people make different groups and they are included in someone without asking.Many people come out of it when the Whatsapp group is not of your own use.

Now all these things will be limited.

β˜… Users to use this feature will be the features in Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Groups.Then three options will be available in groups.They will be available on the basis of who can include in the group.Customers will have to choose one of these options.

β—† Option Description …..πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

β—† Option 1 Everyone – If you select this option, then anyone can add you to the group. If your cellular number is saved for a person, then it may be included in the group you created.

β—†β—†Option 2 My Contacts – Option 2 My contact – whose mobile number is saved on your mobile.They can include you in their group.If they do not save the numbers in your mobile, then you will receive a message and you can join those Whatsapp group only after accepting it.

β—†β—†β—† Option 3 Nobody – If you have opted for this option, then no one will be able to directly add you to any group. Every message will come to you every time and if you accept it then you will be included in that group otherwise it is not.

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